If your floor isn't glossy then you have a stained or unfinished


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If your floor isn't glossy, then you have a stained or unfinished floor. Prefinished floors are the easiest to recognize since every board has beveled edges. Determine the type of hardwood finish.

Just expert advice from the flooring pros to make your life easier. We'll share a series of helpful tips to make the next steps in your flooring renovation http://hardwood-floor-refinishing.ca a breeze. In addition, cork is naturally antimicrobial which helps reduce the growth mold if the floor gets damp.

Bamboo is classified as a hardwood, and most bamboo ranks on the highest end of the janka hardness scale and is typically as hard as oak. So, you have a squeaky clean, beautiful new floor. Again the direction should be along the floorboards, let it dry for 6 hours and then sand it down to a dull finish.

Once you have cleaned that off completely, vacuum the floor and get up all that dust. It is possible to embark upon a DIY hardwood refinishing project. We're focused on providing customers with a product that is both the pinnacle of quality and environmentally friendly.

Lev Remennik runs a Toronto company called Silent Floor Solutions (there are similar professionals all over Canada). If your squeak is coming from two floor boards rubbing together, try wedging glazier's points (metal triangles used to install window glass) 6 inches apart, between the two boards. If you have carpeted floors or cannot see the line of nails, you can use a joist/stud finder available at your local hardware store.

They are easy to find, because you can see the line of nails where the floorboards are attached to them. For second and third floor squeaks, (or a finished basement), there is no choice but to fix the noisemaker from above. This little piece of hardware fixes the cause of the squeak by pulling the subfloor and the joist tightly together, to minimize any movement.